Word introduction about pile

1.Filament yarn

Fibers are roughly divided into filament yarns (long fiber yarns) and spun yarns (short fiber yarns), but with some exceptions, filament yarns are used for brushes.
In addition, because it is a fine fiber, we use a multifilament yarn in which one yarn is composed of a bundle of multiple filaments.
(One monofilament yarn is one yarn = one filament yarn, and the thickness is about 0.1 mm or more of the direct line.)


Decitex defines that "when a thread weighing 10,000 m weighs N grams, the thread is N desix".
The decitex value is proportional to the cross-sectional area of the yarn. For round cross-section yarn, it is proportional to the square of the diameter. Even if the decitex value is the same, the yarn diameter will be different if the yarn material is different (different specific gravity).


The fineness is written as "300T / 50F" or "300/50", for example.
This means that one thread is made up of a bundle of 50 filaments, and the thickness of this bundle is 300 decitex. That is, 50 filaments have 300 decitex, so 1 filament has 6 decitex.

▼Fineness and diameter (calculated value)
Pile name Material Diameter(μm)
1.1T 2.2T 4.4T 6.6T
UUN Conductive 6 nylon 11 15 21 26

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