About weaving types and equipment that can be made with pile fabrics

We can change the weave of the pile fabric according to your request as shown below.

全面パイル織 イメージ写真

Full pile weave

・A common pile fabric with piles throughout the fabric.

ベルベットリボン織 イメージ写真

Velvet ribbon weave

・Our main specification fabric with piles arranged in a ribbon shape on the fabric.

定寸段織 イメージ写真

Fixed size step weave

・Set pile flocking distance with arbitrary dimensions.

混合織 イメージ写真

Mixed weave

・Woven fabric that is a mixture of two or more different types of yarnas.

ループパイル織 イメージ写真

Loop pile weave

・The arrangement shape of the loop pile can be changed.


カム制御 イメージ写真

Cam control

Narrow velvet fiber machine

A pile fiber machine with a maximum width of about 110 mm. Compared to general pile fiber machines, it is extremely small, has good setup change efficiency, and excels in small-quantity production.
We are good at U and V type pile fibers, and the pile length can be changed arbitrarily within the range of 3 to 8 mm.

パターンチェーン制御 イメージ写真

Pattern chain control

Narrow loop fiber machine

It is a loop pile fiber machine (Rinnaten) with a maximum width of about 110 mm.
The resulting fabric is covered with a looped pile, which retains its high surface area and has different pile mechanical properties than a velvet machine.

ドビー制御 イメージ写真

Dobby control

Wide shuttle fiber machine

A pile fiber machine with a maximum width of about 1200 mm. Although the production rate is inferior to the generalized Levia fiber machine, it has good setup change and tuning efficiency, and is most suitable for high-mix low-volume production among wide-width machines.
The pile shape can be applied not only to U, V, W but also to special shapes, and it is also possible to control the length of the flocked area in the lateral direction. Pile length can be 3 ~ 6mm or 10 ~ 15mm.

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