Product information-SFCP(Triboelectric fabric)

SFCP -Super Friction Charged Pile-

A pile that develops a triboelectric potential that is extremely negative.


▼Features, specialties

  • ・Pile that can be charged just by rubbing or rubbing。
    Despite being carbonless (without conductive members), it can be negatively charged by friction (rubbing).
  • ・A rare pile that is negatively charged.
    Conventionally, threads close to Teflon on the minus side of the charging series are rarely seen, and I think that polyester is often used.
    If you are looking for a more negative material, please try SFCP once.
  • ・There is a merit that can be suppressed to a low price.
    Conductive pile tends to be expensive, but since this SFCP is not conductive, it is possible to reduce costs and costs compared to conductive fibers.

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