Product information-sealant

1 Overview

 Image of sealing material

It is possible to stamp out various fabrics into specified dimensions.
In the copier, the toner and paper dust are stuck and used so that they will not leak from the unit or designated place.
Fluorine-based woven fabrics are also available for parts that require slidability.
It can also be used for cleaning (paper dust removal, etc.).

2 Use

・Prevention of powder leakage and intrusion
・Ensuring cushioning with the opponent
・Cleaning (paper dust removal, etc.)

3 Example of specification items that can be customized

※This is a specification item currently supported.
Please feel free to contact us as it is possible to consider other than the listed items.

・Fabrics used for fabric brushes, flocked sheets, sponge flocks, etc.
・Fabrics published in Kishu F&K: For details, see our affiliated company Teramoto Pile HP Published in

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