Product information-roll brush (pile fabric)

1 Overview

■ Our regular products

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A product in which pile fabric is spirally wrapped around a shaft.
Various fabric types such as loop fabrics and mixed conductive and insulating materials can be made into brushes.

2 Use

■ In OA equipment, it is used in various applications and places.

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Main applications
① Charging brush: A brush used to charge the object.
② Bias cleaning brush: By using potential difference caused by electric resistance, charged object (toner, paper dust, etc.) can be attracted and cleaned from the other object.
③ Static elimination brush: Removes static electricity from static electricity.
④ Toner supply brush: A brush for supplying toner.
⑤ Paper dust removal brush: A brush specialized for removing paper dust.
⑥ Disturb brush: A brush that scatters toner and paper dust as an auxiliary cleaning blade.

It can be used in the following places other than OA equipment.
・Rubbing brush for liquid crystal (orientation)
・Production line static elimination brushes at various manufacturing plants
・Cleaning brush for air conditioner filter
・Vacuum cleaners and brushes for cleaning robots
・Other items

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