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[What is pile fabric?]

Pile woven fabric is composed of a base fabric consisting of warp and weft yarns, and pile yarns napped from the base fabric (XY plane) in the Z-axis direction.
A brush is an aggregate of fibers, and there are millions of piles per square inch.
It can be flexibly adapted to the unevenness of the opposite object, and even for applications that require extremely accurate dimensions for rubber, sponge, etc., the brush can control the amount of fiber penetration into the target object, widening the range of application and increasing durability.
Various applications can be considered depending on the specifications such as the material and fineness (thickness) of the pile thread and the presence or absence of conductivity.
We can handle various materials and propose specifications according to the application.

 Image of pile fabric
 Brush flexibility image

Main types of pile fabric

  • Pile fabric

    ・Long pile fabric
    ・Many adoption records

  • Velvet fabric

    ・Short pile fabric
    ・Dense woven structure

  • Loop fabric

    ・The same loop-shaped fabric as towels

■Characteristics of Pile Fabric

1. Specializing in conductive fabrics

We handle various conductive fibers such as nylon, polyester and acrylic.
Some conductive fibers are jointly developed with the yarn manufacturer, and resistance value controll is possible.
We have established a textile technology and controll system specialized in conductive textiles, such as measuring the electrical resistance value with our own equipment.

2. Quantification of quality

We have established numerical quantification of the required characteristics in the field of materials, rather than clothing fabrics that emphasize visual effects more.
If necessary, such as load and repulsive force when the pile comes into contact with the other object, and the density of fibers existing in a certain range, we can perform quality controll by dedicated equipment.

■ Product processing example

We respond to customers' needs by various processing of pile fabric.
In particular, our main customer, the copier manufacturer, uses fabrics and brushes for applications such as "charging", "electrostatic elimination", "cleaning", "conveying", and "sealing" using conductive threads.
It can also be used for cleaning the filters of air conditioners and brushes of vacuum cleaners for "static elimination" and "cleaning".
In addition, it can be used for "electrostatic elimination" and "cleaning" even in the manufacturing factory line where you want to remove static electricity.

 Image of SD brush

Example) SD brush
Application examples: electrostatic elimination, auxiliary cleaning, etc.
It is a brush made by processing plain weave fabric into a comb shape.
It has the following features in comparison with general metal fiber electrostatic eliminator brushes.
・Less pile loss
・Dense and wide nip
・Does not damage the opponent with a soft texture (does not limit the opponents)

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