Product information-bar brush (pile fabric)

1 Overview

■ Our standard products

 Illustration of regular products

Unlike the roll shape, it is a product in which pile fabric is attached to sheet metal.
It is also possible to provide it with the double-sided tape attached to the back side of the fabric without pasting it on the sheet metal.

2 Use

The method used in OA equipment is as follows.

 Illustration of copier process

In addition to the uses shown in the above process diagram, it is also used for the following purposes.

・Charge control brush
Enables charge control (charges positively or negatively and adjusts the potential level) by using low resistance conductive thread doing.
・Auxiliary cleaning brush
Uses conductive or non-conductive thread and is used as an auxiliary brush for cleaning parts such as blades.
It can also be applied to remove paper dust inside a copier.

Applications other than OA equipment include filter cleaning brushes for air conditioners and cleaning brushes for vacuum cleaners.
Brushes can be used as a electrostatic elimination measure in equipment and production lines.

Needs for cleaning or electrostatic elimination for copiers and other applications,
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