Product information

TOEISANGYO manufactures and sells various types of brushes that use pile fabrics and electrostatic flocking technology.

①Customized brush with high flexibility

By freely changing the fabric structure of pile fabric and the fibers used, various brushes can be manufactured according to the application.

② Unique conductive thread and resistance value control technology

We can manufacture conductive brushes that use conductive yarn
with kneaded carbon and controlled resistance.
It has been used extensively in copiers, printers, and MFPs.
By selecting the resistance value band according to the application,
it exerts a function that ordinary brushes do not have.

Raw thread resistance Use
High resistance
Electrostatic attraction
Medium resistance
Contact charging
Low resistance
Electrostatic elimination

(*1: Electrostatic suction)

Coulomb force can be exerted between charged dielectrics and charged particles.
Appropriate voltage can be applied to the conductive brush to attract and repel it.
It is possible to suck, convey, repel, and transfer charged particles to the appropriate place.
It is possible to collect charged dust and release it appropriately.
The pressing force of the brush can be controlled by Coulomb force as well as mechanical force.

③ Brush processing technology

The main brush shapes are roll and bar shapes.
The outer diameter and brush height can be processed with an accuracy of ±0.2 mm.
Special processing such as beveled processing is also possible.

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