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TOEISANGYO Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of parts for electrophotographic devices, continues to take on the challenge of achieving various quality requirements of various customers and always ensuring the technological level that can meet those requirements. It is a company. We also recognize that we are contributing to society through our business activities. We take various information including drawings and specifications from the customer in terms of the business content. We recognize that we must keep that information, including personal information, safely and strictly, for our trust and customer’s. We will thoroughly collect, use and manage your information based on the following privacy policy.

1. Definition of terms

1. In this privacy policy, "our company" refers to the Company, its subsidiaries, and related subcontractors.
2. In this privacy policy, "personal information" means one or more combinations of company name, individual name, location, department name, drawing, specifications, product name, model number, transaction history, transaction amount, etc. Refers to information that identifies a particular company or individual.

2. Use of personal information

We will use personal information within the scope of the following purposes of use and purposes of use indicated at the time of acquisition, to the extent necessary for the performance of business.

1. Management of customer information
2. Various drawings related to orders
3. Production and manufacturing related to orders
4. Creation of instruction manual
5. Accounting processing
6. Shipping and packing of products to the customer
7. Various meetings, inquiries, after-sales service, sales activities for the customer
8. When contracted to handle personal information from another company, etc., carry out the contracted work
9. Overall recruiting activities

3. Provision of personal information

We will protect personal information appropriately and will not disclose or provide it to a third party without consent in a state where individual identification is possible, except when it is permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws or regulations.

4. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of personal information

Based on the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws or regulations, the Company discloses, corrects, adds, deletes, suspends, erases, suspends the provision of third parties, and notifies the purpose of use of personal information by the person concerned. We recognize that we have the right to seek and will promptly respond to any such requests.

5. Update of privacy policy

In order to protect personal information, we may revise this privacy policy as required by changes in laws and regulations or when necessary. In that case, the latest privacy policy will be posted on this website.

Established April 1, 2005
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