Environmental Philosophy As a member of society, we recognize that environmental issues are an important issue for all humankind, and will fulfill our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen in order to protect the global environment and local environment.

 Basic environmental policy

We are located in the Kansai Science City (Keihanna City) where is surrounded by a rich natural environment. We are striving to develop, design, produce and supply by utilizing environment friendly material for cleaning brush, charging brush, transfer brush and the other related components that is used for OA equipment and also we are making effort to utilize limited resource, innovate process technology, reduce environmental impact, progress and develop into an information and communication society. Recognizing that environmental problems are important issues for all humankind, we have established the following environmental policies to protect the global environment, local environment, and biodiversity in order to support a sustainable society. We will contribute to society by actively promoting environmental conservation activities.

Basic environmental policy

1. We continuously improve our environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO14001.
2. We observe the legal compliance obligations of the organization and comply with legal regulations and requirements of interested parties..
3. We set environmental targets, promote activities, and regularly review them.

<Continuous efforts>

・Reduction of waste
・Promotion of energy saving (reduction of CO2 emissions)
・Environmentally friendly process and product development with a life cycle perspective

4. We provide appropriate information and education and training to all employees to improve their environmental awareness.
5. We disclose this policy upon request.

August 1, 2018

President & CEO
Hideyuki Teramoto

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