Leading company of high-performance brushes

“We will create the market by ourselves.” “We will identify the new needs of the next generation without being overwhelmed by the trend.”
TOEISANGYO Co., Ltd. was the first in Japan to develop a cleaning brush for chemical fibers from rabbit fur as a cleaning brush for copiers.
The concept of TOEISANGYO is to cultivate the eyes that always look ahead and the technological capabilities to respond to the future needs.
Our Energy, which has been leading the industry in brush technology such as cleaning, charging, transfer, etc. for the information related equipment.
It is such a development-oriented corporate attitude since the beginning of our history.
Currently, we are challenging to realize high-performance devices that can be applied to various applications such as environment and energy fields, not limited to electrophotography.
TOEISANGYO as a leading company of high-performance brushes,
We will continue to work on innovative technological development.


  • 1971 Developed a rayon cleaning brush for electrophotography at Teramoto Pile Textile Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing and supplying.
  • 1974 Established TOEISANGYO Co., Ltd.
  • 1977 Opened Tokyo office
  • 1985 Developed conductive rayon brush and started mass production for bias cleaning system
  • 1990 Developed charging brush and started mass production
  • 1991 Developed and mass-produced ERS brush for cleaner less system and developed and mass-produced fixed type of brush for charging system
  • 1994 Developed transfer brush and started mass production
  • 1995 Full-automatic production line for electrified brushes started operation / Joint venture established in Thailand
  • 1998 Established a unique control system for the resistance value of conductive yarn to stabilize the resistance value of conductive brush
  • 2001 Developed and commercialized conductive synthetic fiber yarn / Acquired ISO14001
  • 2002 Improve the performance of charging brush
  • 2004 Established Hong Kong subsidiary and China-owned company
  • 2007 Completion and relocation of new head office and new factory
  • 2009 Developed electrostatic flocking brush and started mass production
  • 2014 Established Vietnam subsidiary
  • 2018 Tokyo office relocation
  • 2022 Closed Tokyo office and started operation of satellite office
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